Not selling a Product or Service, you're providing a Solution!

B2B Guidelines for Merchant Processing

Guidelines for B2B Salespeople can be used when you are developing your sales presentation and tailor it to your prospect needs. In preparation for initial meeting with a potential customer, researching the internet and collecting relevant information for talking points. Three to four bullet points about them and their business will only make you sound more knowledgeable. Furthermore, being a great salesperson isn’t just about being persuasive, it’s about being on top of everything that’s going on.

Importance of Building Rapport

The impact of a building rapport is an indispensable ingredient for selling. The first impression when meeting a Merchant

Merchant Processing a Good Job Opportunity?

Merchant processing sales can be a good career move. You can do really well, depending on your personality and how

Benefits of Being a B2B Sales Associate

Being an independent sales associate has several advantages for people that are interested in pursuing a career

A Successful Credit Card Sales Associate

The impact of a building rapport is an indispensable ingredient for selling. The first impression when meeting a Merchant

Qualities of Effective Salespeople

Having work in sales, you probably know that it’s not for everyone. The people who tend to be more successful are the ones

Developing Strategies to Grow

SWOT analysis is a business analysis technique used regularly provides the tools and information necessary to establish

Merchant Processing Rates and Fees

Merchant processing has a variety of fees, some periodic, others charged on a per-transaction or percentage basis. Other

Fix Your Credit Report for Free

Your credit report is one of the most important things impacting that can impact your financial life. This page is discusses your personal


For small business owners it’s crucial to understand how to establish business credit if you’re looking to finance a large purchase

Benefits of Good Customer Service?

Customer service is a part of every successful business. Benefits of good customer service include more sales of

Businesses Doing The Cash Discount Program

Cash Discount Pricing allows an incentive that a merchant offers to their buyers to pay with cash. Offering

GIFT Cards Are A Good Marketing Tool

Attracting new and retaining old customers is the top priority for any small business. Gift cards are a good tool for

How Do Merchant Credit Card Cash Advances Work

A merchant cash advance is an advance payment against your business’s future income. The merchant cash advance is

The Straight Line Method in Merchant Processing

In selling you are trying to take a customer from point A to point B and get them to buy. Without knowing where you are going

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